Tipbet eSports Betting Bonus 2019

TIPBET has established a niche for itself in the eSports betting sector as a reliable betting provider. It offers an extensive range of wagers, top odds and a variety of promotion and bonus programs for new and existing customers. With its easy operation and an intuitive, user-friendly interface, the TIPBET eSports betting platform is suitable for beginners and advanced gamblers alike. It supports a vast number of tournaments and major leagues covering four eSports titles – namely, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends and Starcraft II – and can hold its own when compared to the best eSports betting sites which the industry has to offer.

In addition to that, TIPBET occupies a prominent place within the eSports betting apps market with a practical mobile version of the website for users convenience.  It is a pleasant extra to those who prefer to use tablets or phones to watch video game streams and keep up-to-date with their betting results, as it adjusts automatically to any device size and allows to place bets and follow live scores on the go.

To top it all off, there is an attractive sign-up bonus in place to bring new clients on board and get them off to a flying start on their TIPBET eSports betting quest. It comes in two types to accommodate the varying needs of different customers and allows for the return of up to 200% on the first deposit sum. In this section we explain the specifics of the TIPBET eSports bonus, going in-depth on its terms and conditions, as well as outlining its advantages as compared to other bookmakers.

First and foremost, unlike many other betting sites, no bonus code is required to access TIPBET bonus for eSports; it will trigger upon registration and the first deposit. After a swift and easy sign-up process, a new customer is given a choice as to what type of the welcome bonus to activate. There are two separate welcome packages in place at the moment, offering 100% and 200% return on the first deposit up to € 100 and € 50 respectively.

When the choice is made, bonus money is added to the account and can be used to bet on any sport featured on the website. Esports fans are provided with four options to choose from and can use their welcome bonus on League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Starcraft II. More details on both offers can be found below.

TIPBET bonus for eSports terms and conditions overview:

  • Bonus type: Deposit bonus
  • Bonus code required: None
  • Bonus value: 100% up to € 100 bonus amount with the first deposit up to € 100; 200% up to € 50 bonus amount with the first deposit up to € 25;
  • Minimum deposit: € 10
  • Turnover requirements: 5 times for 100% bonus; 12 times for 200%
  • Minimum odds: 1.90

As can be seen from a brief outline, TIPBET provides two welcome bonus options, each of them having its own advantages when it comes to practice. So, how to choose between them? Let’s sort it out.

In the majority of cases, users’ decision is based on their intentions, preferred eSports betting strategies and the time and money they expect to spend on the chosen platform. It should be borne in mind that usually higher percentage bonuses come with higher turnover requirements as well as certain predefined conditions that a player must meet to make a withdrawal.

In case of the TIPBET eSports betting platform, the pros and cons of the given offers have to be weighed up carefully before or while registering, as only one of the two available types can be chosen and, once picked, neither can be removed or changed under any circumstances. Below we explain the features of each bonus in detail and provide some examples for better understanding.

With the 100% TIPBET eSports bonus a newly registered player can receive up to € 100 on his betting account. This means that a user who deposits € 100 will receive € 100 as a bonus for a total of € 200 to play with, while the one depositing € 20 will get the extra € 20. The total sum will have to be rolled over on bets for at least five times before a withdrawal can be initiated, so the first depositor is required to wager € 1000, and the second one € 400 in order to withdraw any cash generated from their bonus.

The second bonus type enables a user to obtain the appealing 200% bonus, capped at a maximum amount of € 50, on the first deposit of up to € 25. The turnover requirement is twelve times the deposit plus the bonus amount. This means that a player depositing € 25 gets the extra € 50 for a total of € 75 when he first signs up for TIPBET, and has to place the wagers needed to meet the play through requirements of 15 times € 75 to reach € 900.

The next thing to keep in mind while looking for the best eSports betting offers is the minimum first deposit required to activate the bonus. It is typically somewhere between € 5 and € 25 depending on the chosen eSports gambling site, but there are some exceptions which may take novice gamblers by surprise. To avoid any possible risks, it is advisable to check the terms and conditions section for every new website the player signs up for and act strictly in accordance with the instructions.

When it comes to the TIPBET eSports bonus, new members have to pay the same initial amount to take advantage of both welcome bonus offers available. The minimum deposit is € 10, which may be then doubled to become € 20 or tripled to become € 30 depending on the type of the sign-up bonus chosen. It is credited automatically to the betting account and can be used to place bets on any matches featured on the site as soon as the initial deposit is made.

In order for the user’s bets to count towards the turnover of the TIPBET bonus for eSports, they must be placed at the total odds of 1.90 or greater regardless of the chosen offer. For more detailed information on odds and the way they vary from one site to another please check our eSports odds comparison.

Also, notwithstanding the number of bets placed, only one selection per match and sporting event gets taken into account, so the user has to be lucky enough to get the bet right at the first attempt. Another restriction is the maximum stake of each bet. It accounts for 100% of the first deposit, which means that if the player spends € 10 on his first deposit, only bets under or equal to this sum will be relevant for the turnover requirements.

Please note that the turnover requirements mentioned above apply to the residents of Germany, Austria, Malta, Sweden, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Norway, Finland and Iceland only. For the customers residing in other countries, 100% and 200% welcome bonuses can be claimed after being turned over at least 15 and 18 times respectively at the total odds of 1.90.

With that being said, Tipbet bonus for eSports is a great incentive for new users who consider joining the platform. It has a number of significant benefits which have helped it establish a prominent place on the eSports betting market. Below are top five advantages of the website:

  • Two welcome bonus offers. Once again, as opposed to many other betting sites, TIPBET does not only have the bonus mechanism in place, but also provides the newly registered customers with two options to choose from. This makes the portal suitable for the diverse base of betting enthusiasts with different objectives and experience levels.
  • Low first deposit amount required to access the welcome bonus. TIPBET offers a reasonable minimum deposit requirement (€ 10) for the customers wishing to take advantage of its welcome bonus.
  • Comparatively low wagering requirements. To receive the 100% welcome bonus the customer has to roll over the deposit and bonus value five times, while for the 200% bonus he needs to wager it twelve times. Considering that there are dozens of websites offering bonuses with a 20x rollover, TIPBET’s wagering requirement seems like a fairly moderate price to pay.
  • No expiry date. There are no time restrictions specified in the bonus offer, so the users can take as much time as they need to complete the requirements.
  • The bonus can be withdrawn into the user’s personal account once the rollover requirements are met.

For even more details please check TIPBET Betting Site Review.

Now that we have explained all the details and specifics of the welcome bonus available on TIPBET, we can move on to discussing how all the players planning to sign up can decide on the right option for their needs and make the most use out of the available offers.

First off, the choice largely depends on the user’s previous experience and betting consistency. For all the novice and casual players who do not gamble on a regular basis and, say, have just come to bet on Dota because of The International, or are still getting the hang of the betting mechanism, the 100% bonus would probably be the better option. Although at first glance it might seem like a less efficient and/or fun way to make profit, a closer inspection of the terms and conditions reveals its advantages in the long run. With its lower turnover requirements, it allows for considerably quicker and easier withdrawal of winnings and guarantees an overall more positive experience for the mentioned users.

The second type, in turn, looks like a more suitable choice for advanced gamblers. Although it screams ‘easy money’ when first looked at, the 200% sign-up bonus comes with a 12-time wagering requirement. This means that the user will have to play through the complete deposit he made and the bonus he was given twelve times to withdraw his earnings, which may be far over the top for less experienced players. For the customers betting regularly, on the other hand, higher wagering requirements can hardly be a problem, as they tend to devote more time to gambling and are more consistent with their bets.

Choosing the right welcome bonus type can therefore be critical to the players’ success as it can speed up and facilitate their progress. But there are some other important aspects which may have impact on their ultimate results.

The progress towards meeting the wagering requirements is in large part determined by the user’s background knowledge and skills. In order to achieve higher prediction accuracy, it is advisable to follow the competitive scene of the chosen game and stay informed with all the latest news, especially the ones concerning roster shuffles and coaching changes. Tracking statistics is another thing which the user can do to increase his chance of succeeding even further.

The recommended approach is to settle on one game (preferably the one which the user has some experience of playing), and try to gather as much information on it as possible. Regardless of whether you prefer to bet on Dota or feel more inclined towards CSGO gambling, following match statistics and analyzing the numbers is a versatile strategy to achieve better results.

There are dozens of League of Legends betting websites, which feature special sections including head-to-head records between teams and other statistics, providing their users with all the tools needed to make the most out of their bonus on League of Legends.

Many CSGO gambling sites, too, include relevant information which may help to predict the outcome of the match which the player chooses to bet on. The same thing may be applied to Overwatch, and any Overwatch betting site can be used for the same purpose. The pros and cons of each of the games can be found in the betting games comparison.