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Tipbet info

Name Tipbet
Website URL www.tipbet.com
Established 2015
Minimum Deposit €10.00

When betting, it is extremely important to choose the right service, because if you are investing your time and money into eSports, you will want to know the best eSports betting sites out there. Indeed, given how many there are, it is it’s a real challenge to make sure your money will not go to waste. There are many totalizators out there, each with their own games, services and fees, so everyone will find something for their own liking. We all love risk and adrenaline in our life, and betting is a great way to let those emotions out, and at the same time, get a rewarding bonus – if you are skilled in eSports, this is the area for you.

However, we are not ready to hand our money over to a shady organization that might very well disappear, so this betting eSports review is going to help you choose the best option for you – TIPBET; the betting games 2017 comparison has shown it to be a very good choice, greatly favored by its customers. Even though the bet on eSports has only recently appeared on the website, it has already established a well-deserved reputation of a trustworthy betting site, thanks to the range of disciplines it offers, and the deals it is offering; we will be going through all of those in detail below.

Turning to the question of security and transparency, TIPBET casino is under strict regulations regarding its various aspects, among which there are data security, identification and verification procedures. One of the main mechanisms of TIPBET are random number generators, and they are also under strict supervision, as each of them is independently verified to ensure the legitimacy and unbiased outcomes. Privacy is high on TIPBET’s priority list, so the customers are assured that any information, including credit card and login details, are encrypted securely through SSL, no risk of interference. All those measures are in place to make sure TIPBET customers may enjoy legal eSports betting without any fear of their personal data being used in unintended ways.

Talking about transparency, TIPBET offers an easily accessible FAQ and knowledge base for any customer, with all the rules written plainly, without hard terms, making sure everyone will be able to understand how does the website operate without the need to learn all jurisdiction terms. Moreover, there are no hidden fees by TIPBET when withdrawing – the question many bettors are usually concerned with; the answer is plain and simple – TIPBET does not charge you anything, letting you withdraw as much as you have earned, without holding you back. This is certainly an appealing feature many people value. Also, there are many methods of withdrawal, starting from the regular Visa withdrawal, to Bank account transfers. Such a flexibility allows for comfortable withdrawal any time one needs it. By and large, most of the questions that the customers may have, are already answered on the website, making for a really comfortable service on their behalf.

TIPBET is one of the best eSports betting sites with a rapidly developing community. If you are an experienced eSports fan, this is the website for you to check out. Here, you can safely bet on esports and win! You should not be concerned with the question “is TIPBET safe?” because the answer is, definitely, YES – TIPBET has established itself as one of the most trustworthy gambling websites out there; rest assured that the bets you win with your skill and expertise will stay with you, and be accessible anytime. It has earned a favorable eSports Rating for among betting websites, and it is not simply because of its attractive design – it has some of the best eSports betting offers, which every bettor will find irresistible. Not only it offers general bets on the outcomes of a particular game, it also gives more detailed bets, such as, for example, the first Inhibitor to fall (for LoL) the first pistol round winner (for CS:GO) etc. So even if you are not sure yet which team is going to emerge victorious, but are confident in whose pistol round game is stronger, feel free to test your knowledge and bet on the pistol round – no restrictions put!

Even if you are not an eSports savvy person, TIPBET has a lot to offer to get you going. TIPBET eSports Review emphasize this as one of the strong points of this particular website; there is a lot of information offered to help and make sure you get an idea of the sports before you start. So, if you want to have a head start with eSports betting strategies, we have exactly what you need – useful tips for beginners and experienced players are going to put you one step ahead, so you will feel yourself confident and supported when you decide to dive into the world of eSports betting.

Many people lose their bets because they do not know how the system works, or are caught up in the intricacies of the craft; TIPBET makes sure this does not happen, providing good eSports odds comparison. So using TIPBET, you will save a lot of time, as you will not need to store several eSports betting apps, because TIPBET has it all stored conveniently in one place. So, the website aims to establish a place where everyone, no matter the expertise level, can test his luck and prediction skills, and also experience the competitive spirit for themselves, without the need to constantly ask themselves “is TIPBET safe?”

Currently, TIPBET is offering its services in Dota 2, Starcraft II, League of Legends betting and CS:GO gambling. Even though the range is not extremely wide, the website is still being developed, so as the time goes on, the area will definitely see lots of improvements to include more competitive titles. However, even right now, the range can satisfy the needs of audience, as all of the mentioned titles are quite popular. However, TIPBET is among the best at what it has, as it is seen as one of the best CSGO betting sites among the wide public, and it continues to attract more and more users daily. Overall, there are always games to bet on because if they are happening somewhere, they will surely be on the website for you to bet.

Another feature that makes TIPBET stand out is the TIPBET eSports Betting Bonus. Essentially, if you want to try the website out and do not want to risk, TIPBET is offering you a safe way to try out their system through an appealing bonus, so you are running absolutely no risk if you decide to bet on esports. It is always a real rush of adrenaline to start putting your money on the line, but a nice welcoming bonus from TIPBET makes it all the easier, because you will have more games to bet on – League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Dota 2 or Starcraft II the choice of betting is only yours. With the bonus added up, there is virtually no risk of you losing, because even if one bet did not quite go as expected, you have something to fall back on, so you know you are secure. And, as we all, probably, think security is what matters the most when it comes to betting.

CS:GO gambling is a very strong point of TIPBET. On the website, you can find the information on all the upcoming matches, all the upcoming games, and you can decide what to bet on, what teams are more likely to win, and anything else for your betting needs. In this respect TIPBET is one of the best CS:GO Betting sites. The service provided there is safe, but at the same time it is extremely rewarding for anyone who knows the game. Another convenient feature of CSGO gambling on the website is the possibility to view the leagues that are currently being played, and the number of matches happening. TIPBET offers an overview of all the major games and tournaments on their website, so you will always be aware of what’s happening in the world of competitive Counter-Strike, and you will be able to support your favorite team, no matter where it plays. Also, given how many competitions are there, the section is always full of amazing offers that will be a joy for any CSGO fan and an avid bettor.

League of Legends gambling is another active section of the website. It’s a completely legal eSports betting for League of Legends with a safe option to bet on esports. Also, you can see when your chosen games are going to take place, and you will be able to see those odds in advance, thus you will not miss the game you are confident with. League of Legends is extremely popular now, and so League of Legends betting. So,TIPBET offers a comprehensive outlook on all the current tournaments where League of Legends is played – be it North America, China, or Korea, TIPBET is always aware of those trends, and would deliver you the necessary info. The detailed info on the odds is also provided for each and every game, making sure you know what the options are, and can make the best choice which game you would like to bet on.

Unlike other betting websites that sometimes would forego different leagues because of geographical restrictions, or any other reason, TIPBET, on the other hand, strives to deliver you the best possible experience, so even if the team you chose to bet on is small, rest assured that the competition will be listed on TIPBET, so you will be able to support your favorite team not only with your thoughts, but also get a great reward for yourself when you emerge victorious. Many events are happening all around the year for LoL, so the games to bet on will always be there for you to satisfy your need for adrenaline.

StarCraft is a game that was always popular with people who are ready to test their strategic skills and stretch their hand a little bit. Naturally, it would make sense that people who watch this game also have highly developed strategic thinking. TIPBET offers also bets in this type of eSports, and you yourself can test your strategic thinking skills through betting there, and support the player you like. Given how many games happen yearly on StarCraft II, this game’s popularity is not going to drop any time soon, so if you are a fan of this game, you will be delighted to see opportunities to bet on your favorite eSports discipline.

Finally, last, but not the least, there is Dota 2. This eSports discipline has seen rapid development over the past few years, with tournaments happening pretty much throughout the whole year; there are events sponsored by Valve, and other events, held by different organizations. However, what unites them all is a good representation on TIPBET; all the major competitions are there for you to bet on; just as it was the case with the previous games, no restrictions put.

By and large, TIPBET is one of the best eSports betting sites in the industry, as what it offers satisfies the cravings of even the most experienced betting fans. Going through this all back, TIPBET offers a welcoming bonus, up to 100% on the initial deposit, as well as many ways to make the said deposit; a lot of disciplines offered, with all the big games covered, so the fan of any team, in any game, in any country, will find something for themselves; great odds, strategies, and comparisons to get you going on an even foot, no matter the previous experience; extensive knowledge base to help you, should you get stuck somewhere along the way; and finally, instant withdrawals on almost all payment systems, handled manually, without hidden fees. All of those contribute to the establishment of TIPBET as one of the best eSports betting services online.

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