League of Legends Betting Websites 2019

Bets and wagers have always been an amazing part of competitions. They spice up the viewers’ experience, making losses more bitter and victories more pleasant. Since ancient times, people have always enjoyed watching the fight of athletes and making money from it. We can’t imagine some modern sports without bookmakers. Regardless of their virtual nature, eSports is no exception, since computer sports have been bound with the tote for quite a while.

The more popular and stable an eSports title is, the more bookmakers are interested in it. According to Betting Games 2017 Comparison, one of the most popular computer games in the world is League of Legends. Being the most favored MOBA title, LoL enjoys vast attention of the best esports betting sites. There are a couple of reasons for that. Not only is this eSports discipline stable, but it also has a large pool of players and enjoys a great viewership. League of Legends tournaments break every record in terms of views quantity. For a long period of time, League of Legends gambling was the most popular entertainment of the youngsters in South Korea, the country where eSports was born.

League of Legends betting sites overview

The League of Legends betting turnover is just huge. And it keeps growing every year. Why so? The popularity of the game is permanently growing. In the same time, there are many eSports betting bonuses for the newcomers and regular players of eSports tote. Such bonuses are easily gained: all you need to do is place many bets and do not make mistakes. eSports organizations also contribute to the betting bonuses. The best esports betting sites conclude agreements with the largest eSports clubs, both parties gaining benefit from such partnership.

Apart from the agreements with clubs, the online betting websites cooperate with the newcomers and VIP players. Some bookmakers offer a complex bonus system that often depends on the frequency and the volume of the bets. Other websites focus on deposits. They set the minimum amount of the deposit and the rules for its use. Not only do such websites encourage players to make more bets, but they also increase the number of bets. There are bookmakers who don’t provide bonus programs while decreasing the commission and working to improve the odds.

If you want to bet on LoL or any other eSports title, remember about a “free bet”, the bonus for the newcomers. This is a very popular term, but it has several meanings. In some cases a “free bet” is special “betting money”, provided by a bookmaker to a player to make bets on the betting site. This money can’t be withdrawn by a player. In other cases, the free bet denotes the opportunity to “re-bet” the money that a player lost in his or her first bet or several first bets.

“Free bets” are a great opportunity for the newcomers to test the betting website, while not risking his or her money. In case of website money, a player neither gains nor loses anything. Under such terms, it is a bookmaker who makes the base deposit, and the money can’t be withdrawn. The situation is quite different when it comes to the opportunity to re-bet the money lost on the first bet. Often, such bonuses are offered to players only if particular requirements are fulfilled. For example, you need to make the first deposit of a particular sum or to place a particular bet.

league of legends betting sites

Today we see some complex betting infrastructure that has established around the competitive LoL. League of Legends betting is very diverse, and there are so many ways to enjoy gambling experience from traditional bets to fantasy leagues. Some betting websites even enable their bettors to place bets on match statistics! You can bet on a team that will secure the first blood or score more kills in a match.

It’s not that easy to understand the system of League of Legends betting. The game requires particular knowledge and experience. Furthermore, the pro scene is constantly evolving and you need to take into account every aspect when betting on LoL. These aspects range widely from the competing teams to such minor things as the venue where the match takes place. We would say that the more popular the game is, the more factors you need to consider. For example, if you want to bet on Counter-Strike, you’ll need to analyze lots of aspects.

Key Features of the League of Legends Betting Websites

The high popularity of League of Legends gambling has created a great competition among the betting websites. If you want to take most of every bet you place, we highly suggest that you apply one particular approach: eSports odds comparison. You can place the best bet on LoL only if you have compared and analyzed the odds on as many betting websites as possible.

lol betting sites review

Compared to the classical totalisator, the online totalisator has many advantages. First, it takes you only several clicks to make a bet. Meanwhile, the risk of fraud is much smaller. Today the word is spread very quickly and it becomes increasingly hard for the frauds to hide their intentions. In most cases, all you need is a web searching engine to check the betting website, its owners and reliability.

There are online totalisators that work with in-game items, e.g., skins, instead of money. If you are searching for the CS:GO betting Sites, you will easily find many of them on the Internet, e.g. CSGOLounge. Despite the seeming simplicity, betting on CSGOLounge has many problematic aspects, especially for those who bet not only to enjoy the game of chance, but also to earn money from their passion. The cost for the in-game items, such as skins, is constantly changing, while their withdrawal is a long and tiresome process. Sometimes the initial price of the item you have won there will drop down significantly before it even gets on your Steam account.

league of legends gambling reviews

When looking for the Best eSports Betting Offers, the choice of the totalizator isn’t limited by the choice between real money and items. Sometimes there’s no such choice at all. Overwatch Betting websites do not offer the bets with ingame items, simply because the items can be passed to a bookmaker.

The laws of the country you live in is another serious limitation. Is eSports Betting Legal in your country? It is legal in Great Britain. If a British citizen wants to check the reliability of a totalizer, all he or she needs to do is to ask for a special license. Such an approach made it possible to establish an open and trustworthy market of eSports Betting in the UK. It also resulted in the significant increment of the bettors’ number. Citizens of the United Kingdom can bet starting from 18 years and many of them enjoy their right to place bets regularly.

The citizens of many other countries are less lucky. The bookmakers set the regulations on their own, and their activities aren’t governed by law. Furthermore, their activities aren’t illegal, but they aren’t legalized either. Such “grey markets” are risky and the bettors should be careful when placing bets on a totalizer, since there’s the risk to encounter the frauds.

Betting has the worst conditions in such countries as the United States and South Korea. The laws and other regulations of these countries forbid or limit to a great extent the work of offline and online totalizers. So their citizens will have some hard times when trying to gain their gambling experience.

lol bets and odds

Not only the laws of the countries are different. The bookmakers are very diverse, too. And it’s not only about the bonus programs. Most bookmakers do not cover all the eSports titles and disciplines. So the fans of betting are forced to play on several websites at once.

Anyway, regardless of your country of residence and the game you want to bet on, you always need to make a simple analysis of a betting website. When choosing a betting website, you need to answer several simple questions. How can I withdraw my money? Is it easy? How many ways for deposit and withdrawal are provided? What do other players say about it? What are the terms of use of the website?

Speaking of the differences, one shouldn’t forget about the likenesses. Successful eSports betting strategies are very similar to the strategies of traditional totalisators. Be it an eSports match or a traditional sports competition, a wise bettor would run its bankroll reasonably and know well the title and the scene he bets on. However, the most important detail is the strategy. The correct strategical method enables to win the betting of Formula 1, poker or boxing match. The wise approach makes it possible for the bookmakers and their clients to earn from their favorite games.

The most strategies are based on simple rules. First, avoid the favorites. The odd of a favorite vs. underdog match is so small, and you need to place an enormous amount of money to gain profit from your bet. Moreover, the favorites do lose from time to time. It happens all the time in the regions with high competition. For example, every season, the Korean segment of LoL we see several unexpected victories. On the other hand, testing your luck and placing your bet against the favorite isn’t wise either. It’s better not to place a bet on a victory but instead bet on match statistics. It is not that hard to predict the duration of the match or the total kills. You will win, but you won’t have to choose between placing an unprofitable bet on a favorite and betting on a risky underdog!

Second popular rule – focus on minor competitions. Though it is much more interesting to follow the big pro scene and its marvelous battles, they’re covered better and the viewers enjoy a better quality of content, such events attract much attention of both bettors and bookmakers. The more viewers there are, the higher the popularity is, and the more bets are placed. The bets on less popular events can be surprisingly enticing with their profitable odds and interesting matches.

One popular approach is small bets and big odds. We’ve already told you that such situations should be avoided. Truly, it is underdogs who have the best odds in regular matches. However, everything changes if you combine several bets on favorites. This will enable you to increase your win significantly, while not risking to lose. It is a very simple way to turn your $1 into $50. There are many methods that will enable you to win betting. You do not necessarily need to apply all these methods. It will take much time to simply read all the recommendations. Try the approaches we listed above and see the result now!

You need to understand that despite all the differences, eSports have attracted the attention of the biggest totalizers. The market of virtual entertainments is growing fast and League of Legends is one of its leaders. This year we can expect the new turn of competition both in the game and in-game totalizers.

league of legends gambling sites reviews

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